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☣ NSFW | YOU MUST BE 18/21+ ☣ otherwise you have to leave this blog | @ feel free to follow me here: ☣ This blog contains explicit images and videos of gay males engaging in explicit sexual acts, including pictures and videos of sexual gay fetishes. In a word images that turns me on. ℹ Important: I do not claim ownership to any images and videos I publish on this blog. I usually reblog pictures and videos that I found on If should you have the copyright or property of any of these pictures or videos, please contact me and I will remove it immediately. ☣ I'm into kinky, perv and hard, quite limitless sex in all kinds and open minded to more expierences and extreme sex. I want to expand and break boundaries. I'm be able to switch between top and bottom and interested to make new contacts worldwide. Feel free to ask me anything. Let's start the play. ☣ I would be happy if you would following me. ☣ Enjoy my blog ☣ Ask for my Telegram and Skype